No classes on January 21st - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Marina Del Rey Middle School and Performing Arts Magnet

Marina del Rey Physical Education Rocks!

Marina Fitness Center:
We have a state of the art fitness center for our students! The facility includes 17 teen-friendly resistance weight machines, 6 cardio machines, Dance Dance Revolution, hand weights, resistance bands and medicine balls. Wait, there is more to come-- including a brand new climbing wall!

We are currently starting a bicycling program for our students. We have dozens of new bikes and helmets to ride on the black top. Students enjoy the bikes because they are a fun way to build excellent health. In the future, our staff is considering field trips on the bike path to the beach!

Cool Equipment
You name it and we probably have it! We are committed to teaching the California Standards for Physical Education. We have put great efforts into assembling an excellent variety of equipment for our students. We offer our students at least one piece of equipment for nearly all activities you can think of-- basketball, soccer, football, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, hockey, badminton, ping pong, softball, golf, volleyball, and more....We also offer a variety of equipment for cooperative games including items such as scooters!

In addition to our fitness center, we are are fortunate to have a HUGE green grass field, a HUGE blacktop area with several basketball hoops, a track, volleyball courts and handball courts. We also have a gymnasium used for a variety of activities. Next to the fitness center, we have a brand new high-quality dance room. Last but not least, each member of our staff has a classroom used for outstanding standards-based instruction.

Great PE Teachers:
We currently have 3 physical education teachers and a dance teacher committed to bringing quality education to our students. Coach Ung, Coach Figel, Coach Haney and Dance Coach Farris each offer excellent dedication to their work. It is our goal for our students to leave Marina del Rey Middle School with an enjoyment for sports, fitness, adventure, Physical Education concepts and positive social interaction. We also offer activities such as lunch-time sports programs, after-school sports programs, sports teams, cheer teams and more! Join in - we have something for everybody!