No classes on January 21st - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Marina Del Rey Middle School and Performing Arts Magnet

Connecting Cultures Museum in Marina's Library

Connecting Cultures

An Exhibit that Crosses Borders

The Marina Library has been converted into a museum.  Students are engaged on many levels through a multi-faceted presentation.

ARTIFACTS from around the world are displayed thematically by:

  • Use, material, and country of origin
  • Geographical location; color code label according to the continent from which it originated, allowing students visually to group items by their origin across the entire exhibit

DISCUSSION of representative artifacts

A docent describes selected artifacts that are compared and contrasted to similar artifacts, emphasizing

  • Cultural contexts
  • Materials, discussing the materials’ availability in their original geographic setting or through trade
  • Similarities in materials or social contexts across cultures

HANDS-ON activities

Students are encouraged to experience the “Connecting Tables”

  • Students can pick up and manipulate selected artifacts
  • Food samples literally offer students a taste of another culture


  • Students may participate in a “scavenger hunt” during lunch