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Welcome to Mrs. Holt's Math Classes

Hello. My name Bootsie Battle-Holt, but my students all call me Mrs. Holt. I am a proud Marina del Rey Middle School math teacher. This is my 9th year at Marina and I love all of the smart and creative students who choose to come here.

Outside of school, I actively participate in education policy and curriculum design. I am passionate about working with stakeholders to bring the highest quality education to all students.

A little information about me is that I grew up in Oakland and Berkeley, CA and moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA for college... Then, I never moved back. At home, I have a wonderful husband, two sweet doggies, and two amazing teenagers of my own. My family loves to play games, go to the beach, and do math for fun.

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15 Ways to Get Better at Math

If you start by choosing to consistently do 1 or 2 of these things, you’ll see improvement quickly. Do more, and you’ll soar even higher.

  1. Add your own ideas to notes. The notes on the board are just the beginning.

  2. Teach the day’s lesson to a parent, sibling, or friend and see if they understand what you are telling them. You know you really understand something when you can teach it to others.

  3. Accept that mistakes are part of learning and easy problems aren’t the ones that make us smarter. Learning comes from pushing past your comfort zone. (see #4)

  4. Try every homework problem, even the hard problems, and especially do not skip the word problems. Word problems help us understand the math we are learning.

  5. Take chances to speak up in class. You get credit for participating and you get better at trying out ideas. Good mathematicians are people who keep trying to clarify ideas.

  6. Keep all classwork and homework organized in the notebook and folder that are just for math. It’s hard to study papers that you can’t find.

  7. Have supplies ready at all times. Looking for your stuff distracts you from learning.

  8. Do a few problems that weren’t assigned. You can never have TOO much practice.

  9. Look up the weekly topics online and look at the links. There are so many awesome videos, games, and explanations for everything we are studying in class.

  10. Get questions answered by the in-class tutors on Friday. They are here for you.

  11. Come ask me for help before school, after school, or during lunch. I’m in the my room a lot of the time, and it’s easier to help you individually outside of class time.

  12. Copy notes over and/ or make flashcards of concepts and vocabulary that are important. The more times you see something, the better it sticks with you.

  13. REtake all tests and quizzes. Study your mistakes and ask how to correct them. Then do the retake online. Your first and second grade will be averaged, so if you improve a lot, your grade will go up a lot.

  14. Find a one-to-one tutor. There are many low-cost and free programs available, in addition to private in-home tutors.

  15. If you do not understand something, do not pretend that it will go away. Sometimes, it seems easier to ignore the hard problems, but those are the ones that really tell us what we know and don’t know and those are the ones that make us smarter.

Supply List

2017-2018 Math Supply Requirements: Please have these supplies ready and at your seat each day. It is distracting to the class to have students unprepared and digging through backpacks during class time.

Supply List:

  • A large spiral notebook (200 pages or so) for math class exclusively. Please do not use a piece of another notebook for your math journal.

  • Extra paper – students should have blank lined paper AND ESPECIALLY graph paper ready at all times.
  • A sturdy plastic or cloth pencil case – inside the pencil case:
      • Pencils, Pencils, Pencils!! (non-mechanical pencils are preferred - lead runs out quickly)
      • A closed sharpener that catches the pencil shavings
      • A simple calculator (NOT ON A PHONE)
      • Colored pencils or crayons – about 6 colors will be fine.
      • Highlighter markers
      • One black and one blue ball point pen
      • Glue stick
  • A small stapler and extra staples - you will need this, often.
  • Personal white board markers (2-3)

** Most items are things students should have available for every class. The bold items are specific additions to the math class supplies.