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Behavior Standards

The faculty and staff of Marina del Rey Middle School & Performing Arts Magnet Center recognize that when schools and parents form strong partnerships, our children's potential for educational success improves significantly. The faculty requires that all students follow the discipline code, obey all rules, be diligent in their studies, and respect teachers and others in authority, and wear the school uniform and dress code. Parents are asked to review and discuss the following school standards with their children.

Programs that promote respect and tolerance of everyone build character, enrich, and support our instructional program. Contact an administrator and teacher for additional information.

These pages replace previous rules and policies.


Classroom Rules: (& others to be added by the teachers)
• Arrive on time with all materials.
• Follow directions immediately.
• Use appropriate language and keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
• Be on task during all work times.

Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) Rules:
• Enter quietly and quickly.
• Be a respectful audience member.
• Follow all directions immediately.
• No food or drink

Restroom Rules:
• Respect privacy and property.
• Wash hands and flush toilets.
• Put trash in trash cans.
• Report vandalism immediately.
• No loitering

Common Area Rules:
• Walk, don’t run!
• Stay on paved walkways.
• Put trash in trash cans.
• Use appropriate language and volume.
• Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Lunch Area Rules:
• Eat in designated areas only.
• Put trash in trash cans.
• Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
• Use appropriate language and volume.

Locker Room Rules:
• Stay on task—get dressed and exit the locker room—do not linger and/or hang-out in the locker room.
• No sprays, perfumes, cologne, or glass bottles in the locker room.
• Put away all food and drinks at all times.
• Use only your locker, keep the combination private, and lock-up your valuables.
• Speak in quiet voices.

Bus Rules:
1. Do not push, shove or yell when boarding the bus.
2. Sit down quickly and quietly.
3. Stay seated until the bus has come to a complete stop.
4. Keep all parts of your body inside the bus at all times.
5. Be courteous and considerate to the bus driver and fellow
6. Do not eat on the bus.
7. Obey the bus driver at all times.
8. Carry your bus pass at all times.
All visitors must comply with the school’s visitors’ policy. Please refer to the school signs and written policy. All visitors must get approval from school officials prior to entering the campus and must wear a visitor’s badge. Classroom visits must be scheduled through the counseling office at least 24-hours in advance, and may be scheduled for up to 20-minutes. Teachers may schedule visitations as well. Visits must not interfere with or interrupt classroom activities.

General Guidelines:
1. No writing on any clothing item.
2. No athletic company names, designs or patterns, or logos or insignias (except school logos).
3. No clothing considered too revealing, too tight or allowing undergarments to show.
1. All shirts and blouses must be white or navy blue and have a collar.
2. Shirts & blouses must fit properly & cover midriff, chest, & shoulder.

1. All pants/shorts must be navy blue.
2. Navy blue dress pants, skirts, shorts, skorts, navy blue khakis, navy blue corduroys are acceptable. (Sweatpants and pajamas are not acceptable.)
3. Pants/Shorts must be fitted at waist, crotch and length.
4. Do not wear oversized clothing (larger than one size above fitted size).

1. All dresses/skirts/jumpers must be navy blue; mid-calf skirts or dresses are acceptable.

1. All Jackets and outerwear (sweatshirts and sweaters) must be plain and dark colors. No red or other colors that are distracting or affiliated with gangs.
2. Do not wear jackets or outerwear to cover tops which are in violation of the uniform policy.

1. A Hat or cap may be worn outdoors only. Symbols and insignia and color that indicate gang affiliation are not allowed.
2. Earring-type jewelry may be worn only on the ear and on no other parts of the body.
3. Do not wear non-prescription sunglasses, bandanas, scarves, visors, hairnets or curlers of any kind.
4. Do not wear initials or names on belt buckles other than that of the wearer.
5. Do not wear jewelry/accessories that constitute a safety hazard, for example, heavy chains, studded apparel, or large loop earrings.

1. Tennis shoes or shoes with hard soles are acceptable. Toes and heels must be enclosed.
2. Shoes must be laced o properly strapped.

1. Any clothing that depicts in any form profanity, violence, drugs, alcohol, weapons, vandalism, tobacco, or sexual act, or that is offensive to any gender, sexual orientation, race or ethnic group is unacceptable and prohibited.
2. Any clothing or accessories that are associated with gangs are prohibited.
3. Any clothing that causes a distraction or interferes with participation in school activities is prohibited.
4. Any clothing or article that creates a hazard to the health or safety of others is prohibited.

Students are expected to conform to reasonable standards of cleanliness, appropriate dress, and hair styling. Students shall be required to show proper attention to personal cleanliness, health, neatness, and safety. Students coming to school improperly dressed (in violation of the Dress Code) will be detained until acceptable clothing is provided. The student may call home for a change of clothes or may be provided with "loaner clothes" if available. If a student refuses to comply, he or she will be subject to disciplinary procedures for defiance.

1. No jerseys, tank tops, cropped tops, strapless and/
or spaghetti strap blouses
2. No cut-offs, short shorts, sagging pants, or pajamas
3. No platform, strapless, open toe shoes, or slippers
4. No gang-affiliated attire or shirts with inappropriate
language or drawings
5. No hats and caps in class; no wave caps at any time
6. No distracting make-up and/or grooming in class
7. No long belts, chains, studded bracelets/belts.

1. Only school supplies should be in a student's notebook or backpack. Students should not bring the following to school: friendship books, slam books, lighters, electronic games, IPODs, scooters, skateboards, toys, stink bombs, and
dangerous objects (i.e. box cutters, fire crackers, guns or replicas of guns, knives, laser pens, razors, scissors or any other object that can be considered harmful are prohibited on campus.) The possession of these dangerous objects may result in serious disciplinary actions.
2. CELL PHONE POLICY: Students may have cell phones according to the California Education Code. District policy requires that cell phones must be turned off and be put away (& must not be seen) during the school day. Students are prohibited from using cell phones between 8 am and 3:03 pm. Cell phones used improperly will be confiscated by school personnel, including teachers, counselors, campus aides, police, and administrators. Confiscated phones (or other prohibited items not subject to police action) will be returned only to a parent or guardian.] (Note: The school is not responsible for confiscated items.)
3. Students are not to be in possession of alcohol, drugs, other controlled substances, or drug paraphernalia, tobacco, spray cans of any kind, over the counter medicine and prescription medicines (unless stored in the Health Office). The possession of such items may result in serious disciplinary actions and/or police arrests.
4. Threats of any kind are illegal and may result in serious disciplinary action.
5. Students are expected to be respectful and courteous to adults and classmates: No running, No pushing or shoving, No profanity, No fighting/play fighting, No rough playing, and No unwanted advances, i.e., SEXUAL HARASSMENT. Complaints must be made to school officials for investigation and resolution.
6. Vandalism and theft are strictly prohibited. Students should not write on desks, walls, benches, books or any other school property.
7. Balls must not be bounced, thrown or tossed outside of the court or play areas.
8. Students must not walk around campus in large groups.

Positive and Negative Consequences:
Students who abide by the discipline code may be eligible for or get:
• Grade-level and team-level incentives
• Good grades and good marks for conduct
• Others, as determined by teachers and staff

Students who do not adhere to the discipline code may be assigned one or more of the following consequences—
• Campus clean-up, School detention, or others
• Police citations and/or court appearances and fines
• Payment of damaged materials or clean up costs
• Suspension from class or school, Opportunity transfer, or Expulsion from school and the District
• Others as determined by School Personnel