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Attendance Policy

Good attendance and promptness are necessary for success in school.

Excused Absence: Absence for proper causes like illness, medical, dental, or eye appointments or funeral services for relatives.

Unexcused Absences: Absence without the knowledge of parents or guardians are called truancies and is against the law.

Suspensions: Parents or guardians must accompany their child to school following a suspension for a conference with the Dean.

Students must bring a signed note from their parent or guardian when they return from an absence verifying the specific reason for absence. The note must be presented to the Attendance Office staff before school. Staff will update the computer system to reflect the absence excuse. Students absent for five days or more must be cleared by the School Nurse before re-admittance.

Teachers take attendance every period using the Integrated Student Information System. Discrepancies are monitored by the teacher, office staff, and parents are notified accordingly.

Students must obtain permission from the Attendance Office to leave, for any reason, while school is in session. A parent note must be presented before school begins. This note must give the pupil permission to leave campus, provide a reason for leaving and a number where the parent can be contacted to verify the note.