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Marina Del Rey Middle School and Performing Arts Magnet

Mary Snow » Room 5!

Room 5!


This classroom is using Unique Learning System as the classroom curriculum. The curriculum program has been designed specifically for children with specific learning needs. While the foundation of Unique is the academic content standards (reading, writing, math, science and social studies), the lessons are modified to make sure that all children have a way to participate and learn. There is a strong emphasis on life skills that are embedded in each lesson.


Unique Learning System provides monthly units with new topics built around a science or social studies theme. Lessons include stories, chapter books, comprehension activities, writing activities, math lessons for time, money, counting and problem solving, as well as recipes, craft projects and science experiments. Many of the materials are designed in three levels so children of various abilities can actively participate. Materials have also been created with SymbolStix, which is a graphic library of symbols to help children who learn best with picture supports.



We jump at any opportunity to integrate throughout the school in activities, projects, and classes. Our class is part of the Environmental Science class where we work with peers to grow and learn in the school's garden. We love to participate with the Marine Science Program to engage with different aspects of our environment and community. We even attend field trips to the beach! We also love working with our Performing Arts Magnet. We integrate with different dance classes to perform in school performances and the Very Special Arts Festival.