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Math Notebook for Student-Led Conferences

Structure of the math notebook:

  • 5-tab dividers
    • (Tab 1) Guided Notes
    • (Tab 2) Class Work
    • (Tab 3) Homework
    • (Tab 4) SBAC 
    • (Tab 5) Quiz/Test

Purpose of the math notebook:

  • To help students develop their organizational skills
  • To use all the work as notes for support
  • To use the notebook during Parent Conferences (which will be Student-Led)

What are student-led conferences?

  • They are parent-teacher conferences in which the child is not only present, but in charge of explaining his or her progress, reflecting on accomplishments, and setting short and long-term goals.

Why student-led conferences?

  • show parents and students that their opinions and experiences are valued by the teacher
  • empower the child to take responsibility for his/her learning
  • give the parent and teacher a chance to hear the student reflect on his progress in his/her own words
  • reassure students that parents and teacher are there to support them
  • hold students accountable for their academic and behavioral choices
  • give the parent the opportunity to see the teacher and child interact
  • provide the teacher with insight about parent-child relationships/home structure
  • take unnecessary pressure off of the teacher by focusing on the student and his/her work samples

PARENT CONFERENCE ** THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2018 ** 5:00-7:00pm

Supplies for 2018-2019

Hello Students,
Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!!!!  Your success in my class will require a positive attitude, hard work, and being prepared. Your math binder will be used for Parent/Teacher Conferences.
The following are supplies you will need for my class:
  1. pencils (mechanical)
  2. red pen
  3. green pen
  4. highlighters (any color)
  5. colored pencils
  6. calculator 
  7. paper (loose or spiral)
  8. binder
  9. 5-tab dividers
If you have any questions and/or concerns, contact me at tjames2@lausd.net.
Thank you,
Ms. James