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Library Media Center » Medieval Times-KNIGHTS

Medieval Times-KNIGHTS

Medieval Websites:

JOUST (Interactive):  Face the best Knights go to:  http://www.tudorbritain.org/

                        1.  Read:  What is jousting?

                        2.  Click Return (ENTER)

                        3.  Read:  What is HERALDRY?  Choose a SHIELD.

                        4.  Choose a HORSE.

                        5.  Choose ARMOUR (What armour did knights wear?)

                        6.  Choose STRATEGY.

                        7.  Choose BODY PART.

JOUST CHALLENGE (Interactive) go to:  http://www.metmuseum.org/explore/knights/activities.html

WARRIOR CHALLENGE (Interactive/Informational) go to:


HERALDRY:  What do the symbols and colors mean?


CREATE A COAT OF ARMS (Interactive) go to: http://www.imaginon.org/fun/whippingboy/createacoatofarms.asp?themeid=2&activityid=8

CREATE A COAT OF ARMS (Interactive) go to:  http://www.vam.ac.uk/vastatic/microsites/british_galleries/designa/coat_of_arms/coat_of_arms.html


MEDIEVAL LIFE (Interactive):  Medieval Village http://www.camelotintl.com/village/street.html