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Marina Del Rey Middle School and Performing Arts Magnet

Mr. Stephen DeVault » Who is Mr. DeVault?

Who is Mr. DeVault?

Mr. DeVault teaches 8th grade Physical Science. His conference period is 2nd period.

Mr. DeVault is a graduate of Colorado State University, where he earned a B.S. in Geology. Prior to CSU Mr. DeVault attended Colorado School of Mines where he studied geological engineering for a year and a half before transferring to CSU. Mr DeVault has collected rocks and fossils since his youth and recently found fossilized shark teeth and a whale vertebra. He has worked in the oil fields of Wyoming and as a geologist in the mountains of Colorado. While in Colorado he completed mapping projects for gold and prepared a site to drill for molybdenum ore. He then studied geology at San Diego State University before transferring to American Graduate School of International Management in Glendale, AZ. There Mr DeVault took classes in finance, marketing, Latin America, Spanish and Portuguese. He received a Master of International Mangement in 1982. Mr. DeVault speaks and reads Spanish and is conversational in French and Portuguese.

After graduate school Mr. DeVault worked 6 months in Mexico, 6 months in Guadeloupe, F.W.I. and 6 months in Haiti. He then spent the next 8 years selling real estate on the Westside of Los Angeles. In 1994 he began relearning chemistry and physics in order to become a science teacher and was hired at Marina del Rey Middle School in 1995. He has taught 8th grade physical science for 20 years in room 21. In this time he has developed, borrowed and modified various instructional activities so that Marina students can experience and learn the standards for 8th grade science. Mr. DeVault enjoys astronomy and tracks the motion of planets and other celestial objects across the night sky. Every year he tries to organize Astromomy Night when amateur astronomers with high quality telescopes come to Marina and show students the hidden wonders of space.

Marine Science Background
Mr. DeVault grew up in Salisbury, Maryland and has been on or near the ocean his whole life. His father was a avid sailor and taught him how to sail and how to plot courses on navigational charts. He has experience sailing sloops and ketches up to 52 feet long. Though he lacks a Captain's license he has piloted power boats of varying sizes. He has knowledge of Celestial Navigation and enjoys keeping track of the five visible planets, comets and opportunities to see the International Space Station cross the evening sky. Mr. DeVault has extensive experience snorkeling in the Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Mr. DeVault has observed tide pool and beach enviroments in Maine, Maryland, Hawaii, California, Florida, Europe, Brazil, Mexico and the Caribbean. He has taught over 1500 people how to snorkel and led reef exploration groups in Mexico and the Caribbean. Though not officially certified to scuba dive, he has been resort certified and has completed diving trips in the Cayman Islands, Guadeloupe, F.W.I. and Mexico. Mr. DeVault still surfs and snorkels whenever possible.