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Marina Del Rey Middle School and Performing Arts Magnet

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Sept. 8- one mile walk. Modification due to the weather conditions

Sept.9 to 10 - start volleyball unit
Sept. 11- go over heart rate and cardio activity

Weekly standards:
6th grade- 1.1 volley an object repeatedly with a partner using the forearm pass
5.1 participate productively in group physical activity

7th grade- 1.1 demonstrate mature technique for volleying a volleyball
3.5 participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity a minimum of 4 days
each week

8th grade- 2.2 explain the rotation principles used in performing various manipulative skills
5.2 organize and work cooperatively with a group to achieve a common goal

Recent Posts

Sept. 28 (Monday)- weight room 
Sept. 29 (Tuesday)- timed mile
Sept. 30 (Wednesday)- underhand/overhand serve
Oct. 1 (Thursday)- bump,set, serve
Oct. 2 (Friday)- Pacer

September 15-18
Tuesday- mile interval(due to the weather)
Wednesday- 1st through 3rd per= continue with the bump pass skill for volleyball and introduce setting.
4th and 5th= bump pass with movement
Thursday- pictur day. If time permits go over target heart rate worksheet
Friday- fitness stations, all classes

Weekly agenda

August 31 (Monday)- per 1-5= weight room. Working on cardio conditioning, upper body strength, lower body strength, and agility
Sept. 1 (Tuesday)  per 1-5= mile run. 
Sept. 2 (Wednesday) per 1-5= fitness gram test ( push-ups, curl -ups, trunk lift)
Sept. 3 (Thursday) per 1-5= Fitness gram test ( pacer and sit and reach)
Sept. 4 ( Friday) HOLIDAY - NO SCHOOL